Extend the relationship with your website visitors with a dynamic communications app

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Exagons on diferents devices
  • Visitors to your website share needs and interests.
  • Mobile forums foster collaboration among people.
  • Let your visitors improve and prescribe your website.
  • Engage with your visitors and drive trafffic to your products, services and content.
  • Send offers, increase sales. A long lasting relationship.
  • The conversations are auto-loaded onto your website ( See Widgets).
  • Manage your forums easily or delegate on Exagons' pro team.

Benefits to you


Increased sales


Increased engagement to your services and website


Fresh content related to your website improves your ranking on Google

Benefits to your visitors

  • Communication with other people who share needs and interests
  • Receive special offers, discounts and product alerts
  • Q&A resolved by Exagons (or by you)
  • "Related news" feed, managed by Exagons (or by you)
People talking and having a few beers

Moreover, you can run surveys, ask your community what products they would like to have or how satisfied they were with their recent purchase.

Send documents and images, either individually or to the whole community, managed by Exagons (or by yourself)

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